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Protect Water Meters and Pipes from Freezing Temperatures


The water tower on Destiny Lane has been repainted and the project is complete as of September 2021


The Village of Millerton has contracted with East National Water to install or upgrade new water meters.   This project has started and should conclude by July 2022.  All residents receiving or could receive water from the Village of Millerton are required to participate in this install/upgrade.   If you have any questions please contact the village hall at 518-789-4489 during regular business hours.


The Village of Millerton will be looking at over 30 hydrants throughout the village to repair/replace or do some maintenance starting around August of 2022.


Now that winter is fully upon us, it is important to be reminded that although the Village of Millerton Highway Department removes snow from the sidewalks as a courtesy, it is the responsibility of the property owners to keep the sidewalks in front of their property clear of Ice and Snow. In accordance with Village Code section 136-11 A. every owner or occupant of property shall keep the existing sidewalks and fire hydrants adjoining his premises free of snow, ice, dirt, filth, weeds and other obstructions.

In addition, the practice of plowing or depositing snow from private driveways or private property onto the highway has increased significantly.  This is a dangerous practice and it is strictly prohibited under Section 1219 of the Vehicle and Traffic Law and Section 214 of the NYS Highway Law.

We appreciate your cooperation in the safe and proper removal of snow and ice.

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snow removal

​​​(518) 789-4756

To Contact the Water Department Please Call

(845) 677-3839 available 24/7.

When outdoor temperatures drop below freezing (32°Fahrenheit) and especially if temperatures fall below zero, you may need to take precautions to protect your water meter and the water pipes inside your home from freezing. Water pipes in basements, unheated crawl spaces and outside walls may be especially susceptible to freezing. Here are some tips to protect yourself against potentially costly plumbing issues.

Protect your water meter -- If your water meter is located in an unheated or minimally heated area such as a crawl space or garage, make sure it is properly covered or protected to keep it from freezing. The meter is your responsibility and you are liable for any damage to the meter.

Eliminate drafts -- Close crawl space vents and openings. Repair broken or cracked windows. Make sure basement doors close tightly.

Insulate pipes in unheated areas -- Wrapping electrical heat tape or insulation around pipes that run through crawl spaces, garages or unheated basements may help prevent freezing. It’s important to remember that both hot and cold water pipes may freeze. 

If you turn on the tap on a cold day and no water comes out your pipes may have frozen. Before doing anything you may want to check with your neighbors to find out if they have water. If they are also without water, please call Village of Millerton Water Plant at 518-789-4756 to determine if a water main in your area is shut down for repair. This could be causing the water outage. If there is no repair work being done, or the neighbors have water, you may have a frozen pipe in your house or in the water service line under your yard.

Any damage or repairs to water meters and/or related equipment will be repaired and/or replaced at the property owner’s expense.                

Late Penalty:

  • 10% after 30 days
  • addition 15% after 60 days
  • Water billing is completed every quarter
  • Water bills go out in January, April, July and October