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Zoning Enforcement Officer

​Kenneth McLaughlin

When do you need a Building Permit?

  • New Construction
    • All new construction including Accessory Structures.​
    • Accessory Uses not enclosed within a building, e.g. all swimming pools, tennis courts, bridges, fences in certain districts, and signage.
  •  Structural Changes
    • Interior & exterior structural changes to partitions or any part of the assembly of a building.
    • Windows and doors.
    • Re-roofing, siding requiring structural work; porch / deck changes.

 When don’t you need a Building Permit?

  • Painting indoors or outdoors.
  • Minor repairs and maintenance with no structural changes, including siding and roofing. Note: if you are replacing siding or roofing, you do need a permit.
  • Cleaning up your yard.

zoning Department

For more details or guidance, and before starting a project, contact Millerton’s Building Department: 518-789-4489

Office Hours


5pm to 7pm


Building Inspector

Kenneth McLaughlin​​

building Department