Village Of Millerton     




Office Hours

Monday - Thursday 9 AM-4 PM


Building Dept Hours

Tues & Thurs 9 AM - 2 PM

Wednesday 5 -7 PM

5933 N Elm Avenue

Millerton, NY 12546, USA

Dutchess County Parcel Access website:

518-789-3300 ex 605

Fax: 518-789-3399

P.O. Box 771, Millerton, NY 12546

Office address: 19 North Maple Avenue, Millerton, NY 12546

Office Hours:

Wednesday and Thursday

9am - 12:30pm and 1pm - 3pm

or by appointment


​Office of Real Property Tax Services website:


Tax Exemptions
Please contact the assessor for further information and eligibility requirements:
*STAR                               *Enhanced STAR                         *Senior

*Alternate Veterans           *Cold War Veterans
*Agricultural Land            *Agricultural Buildings
*Forest                               *Non-Profit
*Clergy                              *Business                                     *Solar/Wind Power

​Important Dates:
Taxable Status Date – March 1
Exemption Application Deadline – March 1

Tentative Roll Filed – May 1
Grievance Day – 4th Wednesday in May
Final Roll Filed – July 1
Valuation Date – July 1

Katherine Johnson handles all assessment matters for the Village of Millerton residents